In 2010, a museum souvenir shop was opened in the Ogulin Heritage Museum. Its wide-range offer provides visitors with an opportunity to purchase a keepsake with them, which will remind them of Ogulin and the Ogulin Heritage Museum.

In order to promote the cultural and historical heritage of Ogulin and the Ogulin region, the souvenir shop offers a range of items and products with distinctive Ogulin motifs. Some of the souvenirs are:

– souvenirs with the motifs of the Frankopan Castle, the Church of St Cross, the Cesarovac Spring;

– old postcard reprints;

– dolls – characters from Ivana’s stories – Regoč and Kosjenka, Tintilinić, Potjeh;

– wood and ceramics souvenirs;

– publications by the Katedra Čakavskog sabora, Modruš;

– publications by Matica hrvatska – Ogulin branch, regarding the region of Ogulin;

– magnets, mugs, keychains, decorative pillows, flags with Ogulin motifs;

– products made of honey etc.

Working hours of the Souvenir Shop:

The working hours of the souvenir shop are the same as the working hours of the Museum.