The Articles of Incorporation of the Ogulin Heritage Museum define the following museum activities:

– Supply, collection, protection, research, communication and exhibition in order to research, educate and reflect on the heritage of humanity, cultural, tangible and intangible goods, and their professional and scientific processing and systematisation into collections, permanent protection of museum goods, museum documentation, and heritage locations and sites presented through the museum, their interpretation and presentation to public through various means of communication in real and virtual environment;

– Publishing and selling their proper publications: replicas, guides, exhibition catalogues, monographs, maps, brochures, posters, as well as marketing, scientific and documentary materials on audio-visual media, and other publications, and professional and scientific editions on museum goods and the history of Ogulin and the region of Ogulin;

– Promotion of the museum profession though cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad, as well as schools and other legal entities and interested individuals;

– Promotion of the museum profession through organisation of classes, courses, seminars and other cultural programmes and manifestations;

– Maintenance of permanent collections, and preparation of temporary and mobile exhibitions related to the past and present of Ogulin and the region of Ogulin;

– Manufacturing and selling Museum souvenirs (postcards, replicas of museum items etc).